Address and Street Name Changes

Change of Address (or New Address)
Property owners can request a change to their individual address through City staff review.  Any changes must still be in sequence and meet all of the City's addressing policies.  A common example is if the owner of a corner lot prefers to be addressed with one street over the other.  

Please submit the Change of Address & New Address Request Form to to request a new address or change of address.

City-Initiated Change of Address
An address change can also occur when the existing address numbering on a particular roadway poses a threat to the public health, safety or welfare (for example, odd numbers on even side of street, sequencing error). The Mayor and City Council may change the address numbering after public notice.

Change of Street Name
Street names can be changed when there is a potential threat to public health, safety, or welfare (for example, duplicate names could cause issues for emergency responders to find a street or home) or if the change is deemed beneficial to the community by the Mayor and Council. The change occurs after public notice is given and a public hearing is held.

Please contact the City's Planning and Zoning staff at 770-730-5600 to inquire about a street name change.

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Address and Street Name Changes


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