Petitions Under Consideration

Viewing Petitions and Submitting Comments
You can view petitions currently under consideration using the Zoning Cases Map. When you select a petition/case, you will see associated information, including Meetings and documents, and have the ability to submit comments.

Zoning Cases Map

Understanding the Petitioning ProcessĀ 
When proposed development in Sandy Springs falls outside of approved land uses, developers petition the City. There are two petitioning processes in Sandy Springs:

Petitioning Process for Rezonings, Zoning Modifications and Use Permits
Developers are required to hold community meetings before and after they file a petition. After the community meetings are held, petitions for rezonings, zoning modifications, use permits, and any concurrent variances, as well as changes to ordinances go before the Planning Commission. A final ruling on the petition is made by the Mayor and City Council during a regularly scheduled Mayor and City Council Meeting.

Petitioning Process for Variances and Zoning Ordinance Modifications
Once a developer submits a variance, or zoning ordinance modification application, their petition is heard by the Board of Appeals during the next regularly scheduled meeting. If the variance is part of a rezoning, zoning modification or use permit, it will instead follow that petitioning process.

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