Utility Work

Often times, utility companies dig to install new cable or work on gas, electric and other lines within our neighborhoods.  The utility company is required to perform the work in accordance with City policies.  

Note that work performed by the utility companies is conducted within the "right-of-way," an area of land reserved for the purposes of maintenance or expansion of existing services. This area is typically 10 feet behind the curb. 

Before a utility company begins work in your neighborhood it is required to:

Obtain a permit from the City of Sandy Springs
Leave a Notice of Utility Work flier at each impacted residence
Post a Notice of Utility Work sign at the work area if the area impacted includes more than 500 feet of underground work
Notices must include the utility company name and contact information, as well as contact information for any subcontractors working on the project.

Reporting a Problem

Your first step in resolving an issue related to utility work is to contact the utility company.  As part of city mandated notification, the utility company is required to post contact information at the project site.  You can also identify which companies are working where via our utilities permit map Details on how to use the map are below.

For issues of an urgent nature, such as a power outage, please contact the utility company - but also contact the city at 770.730.5600.  If there is a public safety emergency, such as a gas leak, please call 9-1-1

Who is working where?

The City maintains a map highlighting where the various utility companies are working throughout the city.

Utility Permit Map

Using the Utility Permit Map

On the Utility Permit Map, colored lines indicate areas where utility work is underway or planned.  If you are interested in work near a particular address, enter that address in the area marked "Find address or place" - include Sandy Springs, GA (with the commas) and click on your keyboard Return button

Utility Permit Map 1

When you click on the Legend key in the upper left-hand side of the page, a color-coded key box will appear on the outer right-hand side of the page. 

When you click on a color segment, information about that project will appear in the right-hand information box.  In the sample below, clicking on the orange segment reveals an AT& T project to install new fiber cable. The project began April 6, 2016, and the permit number is UT16-00124.  When you click on the Permit Details link, you'll view the permit details which are housed in the City's Build.SandySpringsGA.gov website.

Utility Permit Map - 03

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