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You can use Plan Sandy Springs to answer common Planning & Zoning questions. Select "Zoning Check" and search for an address to find relevant information such as the Zoning District, Land Use Code, Character Area, and Developmental Standards.

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The City’s Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for the implementation of rules and regulations found in the City’s Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan related to the development of property. In addition, the Division's staff encourage community involvement by holding monthly informational meetings which are open to the public.

Petitions Under Consideration

You can view petitions currently under consideration using an interactive map.

Planning Boards, Commissions and Community Meetings

Members of the public can learn about petitions by attending Community Meeting. Depending on the petition type, they are reviewed by the Planning Commission, Board of Appeals, and the Mayor and City Council.

Filing Petitions

When proposed development in Sandy Springs falls outside of approved land uses, it is necessary to petition the City. These petitions include Rezonings, Use Permits, Zoning Modifications and Variances. It may also be necessary to Appeal a prior decision.

Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule

Planning and Zoning Resources

On our Planning and Zoning Resources page you will find information regarding the following items:

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Planning and Zoning


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